Thursday, May 26, 2011

Konner's new facebook

Hi all so Konner recently got a new facebook. I wanted to delete my personal facebook and because of that it also deleted Konner's. So I made him a new independent one. it is on the side tab labeled Konner's facebook.

Konner's Fight

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Happy Thursday to you all!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As I sit here I cant help but be thankful. In just 2 days 2 children who's blogs I follow have passed away from Neuroblastoma. I am thankful my little man is doing good. I dont know where I would be without him. He completes our family and completes my heart and my soul! He is brother who is loved upon daily and a son who is cherished daily. He is a grandson who is spoiled and a cousin who is played with. He is a gift from heavenly father and one who I will never take for granted. Back when Konner was diagnosed I knew that before him I took life for granted. I didnt know it before then but after it makes you realize so much. I NEVER thought I would take anything for granted because we have been through so much as a family. 2 deployments to Iraq, 2 miscarriages, 1 loss of a baby (born at 21 wks), The loss of my dad. I just didnt want to take life for granted. Yet I did at times. Konner has brought so much to our family. I try to live everyday knowing that I have an amazing family and we have definitely been through our share of struggles. But in the end we all have each other and we have our faith. I believe that Konner will grow up to be a strong, smart and handsome young man. I know that he will beat this cancer!

Below are some picture from flashes of hope 2 and half weeks after Konner was diagnosed, these were taken in the hospital. They did a great job. Excuse me for not wearing make up. I would just cry it off so there was no point to it.

Flashes of Hope Pictures 
Taken April 22, 2010