Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still Rockin NED status!

Hi all,

Sorry I have been unable to update with Konner's results. I have been out of town and away from a computer. We did get a call from Konner's Doctor letting us know that Konner is NED! He has been able to hold onto this status and is still beating this tumor! Cancer did not win. My little man is a tough guy! Dr. Eshun said that there is no evidence of the tumor growing and Konner looks to be a healthy little man! Thank you all for your many prayers!!!

Love you all!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scan- xiety

Its that time again. Scans are tomorrow and Thursday. We have made it to AZ and it has been nice being able to visit with friends and family. We sure do miss living here. Konner has to be at his oncologist office at 11 tomorrow and then we will head on over to PCH (Phoenix Childrens Hospital) for his MIBG injection and his X-rays. Then on Thursday he will check in at 12 and will be put to sleep at 1 and he will have his MRI, CT and MIBG. Then he will get the results on friday.

I always get so nervous around this time. I know Konner is going to be ok and I know our heavenly father is watching over him. Konner is a tough lil guy and makes me smile everytime I look at him. I wish you all could see him and just get to know him and his lil personality. He is just AMAZING! I am so thankful everyday for my boys. They remind me everyday what love is about. I am also thankful for you all and for all your prayers and constantly support.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ipads for Cancer

It has been awhile since I have updated Konner's blog. There just hasnt been any news lately. which is great! Konner is getting to be a big boy and is talking like a pro now. He loves little cars, going on walks, riding in his car, playing with his brothers, being outside and everything in between! Just recently an amazing organization called Ipads for Cancer donated an ipad for Konner. I can not tell you how much Konner loves this thing! He colors on it, reads books, plays games and watches movies! His favorite thing to do lately has been watching the Justin beiber music video Baby! HE LOVES THAT SONG! Like seriously he is probably the littlest Justin beiber fan lol. It is so cute! I will have to get a video of him singing the song and dancing!

On another note Konner goes back to PCH at the end of May for his appointments and scans. He will have the normal MRI, CT Scan and MIBG. He will also have x -rays of his spine to make sure the curving is not progressing. Because of the pressure the tumor put on his spine it is curved a little. So we have to check on that. Anyways hope you all have a great day!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Where has the time gone? I have been so busy lately. Not an excuse I know. I keep more updates going on Konner's facebook than I do on his blog. I think his blog was more for me to post long updates for you all. And now I dont have big updates for you. Konner is doing sooo good! He just had a birthday and I will post that video for you all to watch. He is getting to be a big boy and talks so much now! He goes back to PCH for his blood draw and urine check in about a week and a half. Other than that and trying to keep up with my photography business things here have been busy. Thank you all for check up on Konner! And thank you for your constant prayers! Please check out Konner's Facebook for more updates! Link is to the right ---->!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Alicia, Jennifer, Jazmine, Ashley! 

This picture I treasure. This picture is powerful. This picture is beautiful!

The above picture is something I hold dear to my heart. These are my cousins and I love them so much. These 4 girls I consider sisters. I grew up with them and treasure all of our memories. My cousin Ashley picture on the far right is a cancer fighter/warrior Angel! She battled this awful disease and did it with such strength. I remember her showing me her "tubies" as well call them now a days and I just couldnt comprehend everything she was going through. You see I was in 7th grade when she was diagnosed and I remember it so clearly. Now that I have had to face this awful disease with my own child I admire This entire family's strength. My Aunt is one of the strongest people I know. What she had to endure is something that no mother should have to go through. What my cousins Ashley's sisters had to go through is something I will never forget about. I love them so much and wish with all my heart that they didnt have to experience such pain and heartache. And my uncle John who still had to work and provide for his family. I cant imagine having to leave your baby girl behind so you can afford to pay for her to get healthy. I love you all so much and I think about Ashley often and I know in my heart that she helped Konner pull through. Her Angel is by his bed and I look at it everytime I walk into his room. 



Friday, November 11, 2011


 Yup you heard me clearly! It was a long week of scans and nerve wracking as usual! I don't think there will ever be a time when its not. You depend on these machines to let you know if your baby is healthy or not. Yesterday was really surreal. At the beginning of treatment we were told it would be HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Konner would ever be classified NED (No Evidence of Disease). This news crushed us. Of course any parent to a cancer child wants to hear those words. I have told you all countless times how much I wanted to hear those words and how Konner would never reach that.

Yesterday as we walked into the hemoc clinic my nerves built up again. I sat with Konner and his brother Kayben and colored and waited. As soon as Dr. Eshun walked in he said ok Erin I need you to sit down. He also had another Doc with him and I just was like great what happened. I had a million things running through my mind like..How am I going to do this again. I don't want to do this again. etc..... He looked at me and said "Erin, Konner is NED"!!! I was like ok.. and then paused....... He said "Did you hear me right?" I was like no... And he said "Erin, Konner is NED.... He beat cancer!" I began to cry and he said "His tumor looks to be dead. He said there might be microscopic cancer cells in it but its not producing anything and it hasn't grown. Its just dead." I asked what his chances are of his tumor growing again and he said there is a chance but its so small and HIGHLY UNLIKELY! He said Konner put up a good battle and he has won!

That is right......... My son Kicked CANCERS BUTT!!!!

As I sit and read through all the comments on his Facebook and look at all his supporters it brings tears to my eyes. You guys have all be so wonderful, so giving of your faith. You guys are like part of our family. You stood by Konner's side ready to take cancer on with him. Always lending a hand and words of encouragement. I never thought i would be able to say my son is NED! He is a cancer SURVIVOR!!!!
I know my Dad who passed aways in 2004 and my Cousin Ashley and of course our Heavenly Father had so much to do with this. My Cousin Ashley is a cancer warrior as well. She passed away from Leukemia and I know she was one tough cookie. At the beginning of Konner's battle I called my Aunt as she is the only one who could relate to me. She helped me get my fighting gloves on. She offered me the best advice and she was there for me. Thank you Auntie Donna from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Thank you to ALL THE DOCTORS AND NURSES! Thank you to Dr. Allison Wilcox, for being the best pediatrician and making house calls to come see Konner when I was worried. Thank You for helping me get to the right care!
Thank you to Dr. Harpor Price for taking that extra step in having the initial ultrasound which found Konner's Tumor! Thank you for being so aware!
Thank You to Dr. Adelson for being such a great surgeon and removing part of Konner's tumor! Thank you for helping save his life!
Thank you to Dr. Eshun and Nurse Sharon for always being there for us and for Helping with Konner's treatment!

We thank you ALL For EVERYTHING you have done to help save Konner's life and to help him battle this disease!

Konner still has to have scans and check ups for the next 9 years but he will do it being CANCER FREE!!!