Monday, January 31, 2011

So Lost

So here I am again today with another rant with the medical care my son is getting. Today I had to call his Dr's to find  out the results of his tests from the 21st. They said that everything was good. His VMA was 15 and his HVA was 25.But they said his ANC level was 800. Which is low but not low enough to get a transfusion. If he reaches 500 he is at risk for infections and getting really sick. I am so upset right now that I cant stop crying. It feels like they don't care. So ok his ANC is 800 you know that now so whats making him sick. They were suppose to run other tests to see if he has a virus or flu. And they didn't run that because his dr. forgot to order them. Seriously how do you forget this. and they waited over a week to tell us that Konner had a low ANC level. Shouldn't they have told us ASAP so we could watch him and make sure that he doesn't get a fever. We have other kids and one who is in school and plays basketball. I take Konner with me to pick him up and take him with me to take him to basketball practice and to games. It would have been nice to know that I should have been keeping him inside. I am sorry for this rant but I just want better care for Konner. My husband and I have been thinking alot about Konner's care. Therefore we put in for some jobs in Oregon and if that doesn't work out then I will be transferring Konner's medical care back to Phoenix Children's Hospital. I know we are making the right decision we have really though about this alot and know that this is the right thing to do for our family.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Its Almost Birthday TIME!!!

So Its Almost Konner's Birthday I cant believe that he is almost 1. When i Had Konner his dad was currently serving in the war in Iraq, he had been there for 10 months. Konner was loved by so many before he entered this world. Konner has 2 older brother who adore him and love to play with him. Shortly after Konner's Dad got home from Iraq on April 1st 2010. Konner met his dad for the first time and 4 short days later we learned that Konner might have a tumor. On April 9th our world came to a stop as we were told that Konner had cancer. When you hear that word your world turns upside down. I could not think of anything positive, all that came across my mind was Konner being taken away from us. This was especially hard for us because we have experienced 2 miscarriages and 1 still born baby named Kade. We were all too familiar with loss and did not want to go down that road again. We had no clue what we were in for. All the days that followed were bad and good. And that brings us to where we are now. We have a STRONG little man, Who kept a smile on his face and charmed the world with it. He is precious, strong, a fighter, loving, emotional and bright. We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our family. We are happy to celebrate his life! 

Some have asked if they could send cards or gifts. Yes you may and you can send them to Konner at:

Konner Dowdy
6A Road 6403 
Kirtland, NM 87417

Thank you for your continued support for Konner. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things to think about..

So Konner had his monthly check up for January on Friday the 21. He had been feeling a little sick during the week. He was running fevers off and on all week. On Monday I had called the on call Oncologist and he didn't seem worried about it. He said that although Konner had a port in he is past 6 months post chemo. So he said for me to give Konner Tylenol and that was that. I was and still am really bothered by this. Yes Konner is 8 months post chemo and has been doing pretty good. BUT.......... He still has a port in and no matter what if he starts to run a fever I am suppose to take him to the E.R. so they can give him antibiotics in case he has an infection in his port. This can happen at anytime, He does not have to be on chemo in order to get an infection.

So he had his check up on Friday and all was good until his doctor informed me that they missed 5 TESTS!!! that Konner needed to have done at 6 months post chemo! This infuriated me! one of them being the MIBG test that I had kept asking them if they were going to do one! They kept telling me no he didn't need them! She also asked if I took Konner to the E.R. to receive antibiotics for his fever. I told her what happened and she was mad. So they had to give Konner Antibiotics through his port and also do a CBC and then they told us to go down to X-Ray and get spinal x-rays! That is one of the tests they forgot to do. They also did 2 of the other tests that they were suppose to do which including taking blood samples. The other thing they forgot to do was refer us to a Neurologist since Konner had the tumor in his spine. He had to have a check up. I am pretty irate at this time. They forgot to do simple things. All they had to do was look at his plan. I understand that UNM sees all childhood cancer patients in the state of NM but My son is important to me and if he is not getting the BEST possible care he can get then things need to change. Maybe they have too much to handle I don't know. But they should have gone by his treatment plan. He is on a study and can get kicked off the study if they do not follow the plan! I have not gotten his urine results back nor the results from the CBC. But as soon as i do I will let you all know.

Sorry for my rant. I'm just frustrated and worried. My husband and I have alot to think about for Konner's care. He is one of the 3 kids that are important to us. We love our kids and would do anything for them. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This boy....

This boy... He brightens my day. He makes me smile, laugh, and cry. I am overwhelmed with joy and heartache. I love this boy..... I wish this boy was as healthy as can be. I pray and hope for him to be one day. He brings warmth to my heart. I love this boy..... He is a fighter. He is a brother. He has a big smile and the most Amazing blue eyes. He will melt your heart.

Now you see why I Love this Boy!

First Christmas!

Konner had a great first Christmas! He had a visit from his nana and Grandpa G. We all had a wonderful time opening gifts and enjoying the company. Here are some pictures of Konner and his older brothers on Christmas day! Enjoy!