Monday, November 22, 2010

Hero of the Week!

So Konner has been featured on We Need A Cure's facebook as Hero of the Week! He sure is my hero and such a strong lil warrior. We are blessed to have him be apart of our family! Check out We need a cure's facebook. They are helping get the word out about Childhood Cancer! Click the link above "We Need A Cure"!

Friday, November 12, 2010

tears of Joy!!

So we are here today at UNM getting Konner's labs done and his monthly Pentamidine treatment. We also had to schedule his scans in december. I today got the BEST news I have heard in awhile.

KONNER IS IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The doctor was talking to me about how we are going to take out his port in january sometime. And I had a question on my mind that has been bothering me. "Why did you guys stop doing the MIBG test?" And he said well we dont have it scheduled because Konner's cancer is in remission! Honestly I just wanted to break down and cry. Hearing those words were sweet joy and I have longed to hear them. He said that Konner's urine results showed no activity and were in normal range. And after his last scans things look great. they said his tumor is not active and looks like it is just dead. It has no calcified but they said that will take awhile.

So now what do we do?
We get Konner's next set of scans in December and if everything goes well then he will get his port out in January. He will still have monthly check ups for the next year and a half  and scans every 3 months. then after 2 years of remission he will have scans every 6 months and check ups every 3 months until 5 years and then after 5 years he will have scans and check ups every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for all your prayers they are truly working!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I have heard that alot of people have some questions about how Konner is doing. 

Does he still have cancer? Yes, He is not in remission yet. His cancer is still active, it just has not spread. Right now his tumor has just stayed at a stand still since chemo! YA! 

Does Konner have pain? I dont know. Right now he doesnt talk to its the hardest thing to guess whats going on with him. He seems to be in pain at times but for the most part he is a happy 9 month old baby. 

Is Konner able to have a home nurse? As of right now no. He has to get a special kind of medicine every month to keep his immune system up and so he does not catch PCP (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia). If Konner were to catch this type of Pneumonia it could be deadly. So he has to get Pentamidine. December will be his last month and then we can talk about getting a home health nurse

I think that is what the most of the question have been towards. Hope that helps. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. 


So Tomorrow Konner and I have to travel by ourselves to ABQ. Kyle has to work on friday for some training. So he will keep our 2 older boys and I will take Konner to his check up. This will be our first time without Kyle and im a little nervous. Just because its nice to have your husband there with you for company. Konner's appointments take 3-5 hours. And thats not even for scans. When we are there for scans it takes a whole day.

Everytime we get ready to travel for his check ups its sooo nerve racking. Its so hard not thinking about the what if's. On his scan days its even worse. Though Konner is NOT in remission yet, his cancer can still spread and I am so beyond thankful that it has not. I just continue to pray that it wont. My ears long to hear the words No Evidence of Disease! That will be one of the happiest days of my life!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pictures from phone

So today I have made a collage of my little mans 9 months of life. These are pictures from my camera phone. enjoy!

1.) A couple of hours after Konner was born.
2.) Right after Konner was born.
3.) Konner 2 weeks old.
4.) Konner 4 weeks old.
5.) Konner almost 2 months, the day we found out Konner had a tumor. we were at a D-backs game celebrating Kyle's return home from Iraq. I got a call from his dr and we left in a hurry!
6.) Konner the day before surgery.
7.) Konner right after surgery in PICU.
8.) Konner 3 weeks in hospital getting his Port Cleaned.
9.) Konner very sad in hospital still.
10.) the day Konner got out of the hospital, happy to be in his swing. 11.) Konner happy at home.
12.) Konner at clinic getting his 2nd round of Chemo.
13.) Konner's little leg after getting his daily shot to raise his WBC.
14.) Konner relaxing with the family at the pool.
15.) Konner starting to lose his hair from chemo.
16.) Konner 4 months old.
17.) Konner 5 months old.
18.) Konner 7 months old and hair growing back.
19.) Konner 8 months old and crawling.
20.) Konner almost 9 months old and pulling himself up! 

This little guy is one of the 3 reasons I wake up everyday. He is my strength and has taught me so much. He is a soldier and I know that Heavenly Father put him in my life for a reason. He has shown me what life is really about. I cherish everyday I have with him.