Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So we are still not home. But as of right now we are enjoying ourselves here in AZ. I still have not heard from Konner's doctors on the exact date of his scans. I know he didnt want to wait the full 3 months, instead they wanted to do them again in 6 weeks. As far as his port goes they also want to wait on that now until his next results. Konner has been a happy man lately and is liking the not seeing doctors for a couple of weeks lol. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What a couple of days

So on Monday Konner had an appointment with his Neurologist Dr. Adelson. He checked Konner out and was really excited to see him. He also showed me the scans and said he was a little concerned. He said there is an area around Konner's spine that showed a new mass. For the next 2 days we were talking to doctors non stop. They finally sat down and went over the results and looked at past scans and they came to the conclusion that the Neuroblastoma Tumor that is left in Konner has changed shape and has not grown. And that there is no new mass. He said that sometimes these tumors will do that. But just to be sure they want to rescan him again in 6 weeks. This news has given me hope that Konner is still doing good. I was really worried there and I think apart of me still is. When you hear the word relapse your world just shifts. One thing for sure is with Cancer nothing is certain and everything is unpredictable! You never know what can happen in the matter of days. I am so happy to have Konner as my son. This baby has taught me so much and one of them is to NEVER EVER take anything for granted! Happy Wednesday to you all.

Keep those prayers coming!! They work miracles and I know first hand because I look one in the eyes everyday!!!

Love to All Konner's Supporters!

Friday, June 10, 2011


So We got the results from the scans today. His MIBG scan came back negative. but when they did a MIBG SPEC (blew it up) It showed active cancer cells. He said this sometimes happens and as long as his tumor hasnt grown its ok to keep watching him. They did say they were unable to give me specific growth results because their system compared his current scans to one done in june of 2010. So they would be inaccurate. So he is going to go over everything this weekend and let me know Monday or Tuesday of next week the official results of the tumor. As long as the tumor didnt grow then we are good and will keep scanning him every 3 months. If the tumor did grow then we will have to do more chemo. So now that we know that the tumor does have active cancer please pray that it has NOT GROWN! Please Please send prayers his way!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday Konner had his x-rays and his Injection for his MIBG Scan. Everything went ok, He moved around a bit so we kept having to retake them. The techs did notice something in the images but were unsure if it was gas build up or something else. They did leave for a minute to contact a radiologist to have them read the images. They were not able to tell me what was said but did say they needed to take more images.

Today June 9, Konner was put to sleep for his MRI & MIBG scans. He is still back there and they said that the scans will take about 4-5 hours. I do not have access to the internet at RMH (Ronald Mcdonald House) But I will update you as soon as possible. We will get the results to everything tomorrow Friday June 10 @ 3 pm. I will update you with those results ASAP!

Extra Prayers tonight that it was nothing major that was seen in those x-rays. Thank you all for your continued support!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hi everyone,

Today I am asking for prayers and lots of them. Konner goes in for scans tomorrow and thursday. We will get those results Friday. Please send prayers his way for great results!

Also if you can send extra prayers to the families in AZ who are being evacuated because of this aweful fire burning here. Myself and Konner's Dad are from towns in the white mountain communities in AZ. Please pray for the safety of the firefighters and all for all the people having to leave their homes.

To read more about the fires go to http://www.wmicentral.com/

Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 Month post treatment

So konner has made it to his 12 month post treatment check up without any complications!!! Next week Konner will have LOTS of appointments. He has to see his neurosurgeon, x-rays, MIBG injection, MRI, CT, MIBG Scan, CBC, Urine test. He does have to be put to sleep for the majority of these tests but he has done really well so far. Its crazy to think that he has come this far and is truely fighting like a champ! He is such a strong little man and such an inspiration. I cant believe that he has gone through so much in his short little life. No baby should have to start fighting cancer at just 55 days old. When we received his treatment plan we were in shock. when we thought treament we thought of maybe 2 years. But we were floored when we found out he would have to be watch very closely for 10 years! Can you believe that 10 YEARS!!!! So we are down 1 and have 9 more to go! Konner still has not been able to get vaccines because he has not yet been given the go ahead. I hope that comes soon. Last winter did not treat him too well.

Thank you All for your constant support. We feel your prayers everyday!