Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We finally have the internet in our house now

I am so sorry to all who read Konner's blog daily and have gotten NOTHING in the past month, Maybe even longer. We have been super busy moving and had no internet.

Konner is doing good and has been such and amazing baby during the move. We were able to go to his new clinic and it was a new experience. They are great there as well but I must say I MISS PCH!!!!!!!!!!! I think Konner would agree with me lol. Konner has been in pain lately and im not sure why. He has an appointment this Thursday to get another dose of Pentamidine and to check his urine and his blood. I hope we can figure out what is bothering him. He is growing so much and is showing his true personality. He is a HAPPY baby boy still and will make everyone smile. He also has scans coming up sep. 14th.

Again sorry for not posting sooner. I will make sure to get caught up!!

Thanks and love you ALL

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