Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sooo sick...

(He would not look at me for nothing) 

So guess who spent all night in the E.R. on monday night?! If you guessed Konner you are right. He got really sick on monday evening. Throwing up 4-5 times in 2 hours. And I mean like exorcist throwing up. It broke my heart. He became really lethargic and didnt want to eat or drink anything. So I spoke to his oncologist and she advised me to take him to our local E.R. As soon as we got there Konner got the VIP treatment lol. They were able to access his port and give him some fluids and some Zofran. as soon as he got that Zofran he was feeling a million times better! He got there asleep and not wanting to deal with anyone. He left there best friends with everyone and just smiling. Yesterday he was doing a little better bet slept alot so that was good. And today you can tell his tummy is still bothering him a little. But he manages to keep that adorable smile on his face!

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  1. It's so hard t see this little guy without a big 'O smile! Glad he's better and didn't require anything more extensive. God Bless you all.... ~♥~