Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scan- xiety

Its that time again. Scans are tomorrow and Thursday. We have made it to AZ and it has been nice being able to visit with friends and family. We sure do miss living here. Konner has to be at his oncologist office at 11 tomorrow and then we will head on over to PCH (Phoenix Childrens Hospital) for his MIBG injection and his X-rays. Then on Thursday he will check in at 12 and will be put to sleep at 1 and he will have his MRI, CT and MIBG. Then he will get the results on friday.

I always get so nervous around this time. I know Konner is going to be ok and I know our heavenly father is watching over him. Konner is a tough lil guy and makes me smile everytime I look at him. I wish you all could see him and just get to know him and his lil personality. He is just AMAZING! I am so thankful everyday for my boys. They remind me everyday what love is about. I am also thankful for you all and for all your prayers and constantly support.

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