Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I have heard that alot of people have some questions about how Konner is doing. 

Does he still have cancer? Yes, He is not in remission yet. His cancer is still active, it just has not spread. Right now his tumor has just stayed at a stand still since chemo! YA! 

Does Konner have pain? I dont know. Right now he doesnt talk to its the hardest thing to guess whats going on with him. He seems to be in pain at times but for the most part he is a happy 9 month old baby. 

Is Konner able to have a home nurse? As of right now no. He has to get a special kind of medicine every month to keep his immune system up and so he does not catch PCP (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia). If Konner were to catch this type of Pneumonia it could be deadly. So he has to get Pentamidine. December will be his last month and then we can talk about getting a home health nurse

I think that is what the most of the question have been towards. Hope that helps. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. 

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