Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This boy....

This boy... He brightens my day. He makes me smile, laugh, and cry. I am overwhelmed with joy and heartache. I love this boy..... I wish this boy was as healthy as can be. I pray and hope for him to be one day. He brings warmth to my heart. I love this boy..... He is a fighter. He is a brother. He has a big smile and the most Amazing blue eyes. He will melt your heart.

Now you see why I Love this Boy!


  1. I just posted pictures of my little guy with a similar post! Must be love your little man and let the world know it, day!

  2. I love these pics... shows his "happy-go-lucky" personality... he is so beautiful. Should inspire us all... in the face of medical mayhem... he continues to smile and bring joy ♥