Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday I heard about the passing of Jenna Miller. Back in October of last year the Miller family introduced themselves to me at Konner's dinner benefit. They were such a nice family and they shared their story with me about their little girl named Jenna. Jenna was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma and was putting up a strong fight. They were so positive and things were going good for her. I could feel the faith and strength these people had. They gave me so much confidence that Konner can beat this cancer. In january of this year Jenna took a turn for the worse and they learned that she had relapsed with a brain tumor, which is a common relapse area for Neuroblastoma. Once you relapse with Neuroblastoma there is NO KNOWN CURE!!! Jenna had been having good and bad days and unfortunately she is now an Angel. She did not lose her battle with cancer. Her body did. Jenna was a warrior and never let this cancer take her down. She went out with grace and love and with her parents beside her. She is inspiration to me and my family. If you would like to read about Jenna and her brave battle CLICK HERE. To The Miller Family, My heart and Prayers are with you. I will always remember Jenna. Thank You for coming up to me that day, you have made an impact in my life. Thank you and God Bless You!!

This breaks my heart. I cant believe that there is no known cure after relapse for this childhood cancer. Something needs to be done!  Our Children are losing their lives! They are not getting a chance to grow up and be adults, get married, have kids, experience what we all get to have. They are instead in the hospital getting poisoned with medicine in order to cure their cancer. I am saddened that I have yet again been impacted by another loss. I can not imagine what those families are feeling. Today I am grateful to have my Konner doing good. He has had his time dealing with this cancer devil and today because of the great doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital he has a chance at having a normal childhood. I just will continue to pray and have faith and hope that he never relapse's once he is NED. I pray for the day that the doctor classifies Konner as NED. That day will be a holiday for the rest of our lives. Because that day is the day Konner will beat his cancer.

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