Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Konner is Officially walking. I am so proud of him and his accomplishment. He literally just started this weekend. Walking everywhere! This is big for us. Originally they thought he made need therapy. But he has proved them wrong once again. Cancer is not winning this battle. Konner is kicking Cancer's butt. He is a happy baby and is doing so well lately. He loves his brothers and our new dog Nala. He tries to lay in her bed with her all the time. He likes to play with his dad's PS3 controller and takes it away at times. He also like to press the buttons on our computers (this seems to be his favorite). We are so thankful for Konner and what he has brought to our family. He is just a happy baby and it brings faith to my life. He has been through alot but he does not let it affect him. Happy wednesday to you all! 

Konner & his brothers with their new puppy Nala

Konner in his new beanie made by Tammy Phillips

Konner and a doughnut he manage to get from the table

(I had more pictures but for some reason the ones that are edited wont come up right.)

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