Sunday, October 9, 2011

A walk by the river

So yesterday I took Konner and his brothers to the park by the river. They loved it! The weather here is starting to get really cold. It was in the 40's yesterday but eventually warmed up to around 60. Its starting to feel like fall!!!

Its amazing at how much has been lifted off my shoulders now that Konner does not have a port. I dont worry as much as I use to and I let him be the boy he is. He loves wrestling around with his brothers. He loves not going to the Dr. when he gets sick or has a fever! Lets be honest I love it too! On October 12 it will mark Konner's first month of remission! It is such an amazing feeling. Do I get worried about relapse? Of course but I dont let it stop me from being happy and enjoying these moments with my boys!

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!

But before I go there is a boy in need. Our friend Justin is heading to Texas Childrens to get a second opinion and possibly get intense Chemo for his ALL. He really needs lots of prayers and support. He lives here in NM and traveling to Houston is big. Please pray for him and his family! Thank You
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  1. Its that cold already somewhere?? lol.. its still 100 here.. blah! Sounds like your boys had fun! I love the pictures. I will pray for lil Justin, poor guy!