Saturday, November 19, 2011


Alicia, Jennifer, Jazmine, Ashley! 

This picture I treasure. This picture is powerful. This picture is beautiful!

The above picture is something I hold dear to my heart. These are my cousins and I love them so much. These 4 girls I consider sisters. I grew up with them and treasure all of our memories. My cousin Ashley picture on the far right is a cancer fighter/warrior Angel! She battled this awful disease and did it with such strength. I remember her showing me her "tubies" as well call them now a days and I just couldnt comprehend everything she was going through. You see I was in 7th grade when she was diagnosed and I remember it so clearly. Now that I have had to face this awful disease with my own child I admire This entire family's strength. My Aunt is one of the strongest people I know. What she had to endure is something that no mother should have to go through. What my cousins Ashley's sisters had to go through is something I will never forget about. I love them so much and wish with all my heart that they didnt have to experience such pain and heartache. And my uncle John who still had to work and provide for his family. I cant imagine having to leave your baby girl behind so you can afford to pay for her to get healthy. I love you all so much and I think about Ashley often and I know in my heart that she helped Konner pull through. Her Angel is by his bed and I look at it everytime I walk into his room. 



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