Monday, June 7, 2010

The Results are in..................

Today Konner had an appointment to get his results from his scans. We started of with the usually access of the port. He got his blood drawn and it was sent to the lab. Within 10 minutes his nurse comes back and says he needs to have a blood transfusion cause his hemoglobin was at 8.8 not very good at all. So while we got that news we were waiting for the even bigger news. Before we went into the transfusion rooms Dr. Eshun came in to gave us the news. Konner's Tumor has shrunk 80%. So with that being said the chemo worked!!! He will not have to go through anymore Chemo as of now. He still has some chemo in his system so that could maybe shrink the tumor more and they are hoping that it will calcify. So we are going to talk with the general surgeon and see if it is possible to remove the tumor without damaging the nerve. Our options are to remove the tumor which could possibly damage the nerve and could cause him to be paralyzed or have an affect on his bowel. Or we can leave the tumor in and watch it carefully and see if it calcifies. Either way he has 10-20% chance of it returning. his Dr. said that he has a great outlook. So right now we are in the decision making part of the process.

 Konner now only has to continue taking Bactrim and can stop all other meds. If we decide to leave the tumor alone then Konner will go into the process of going to the clinic for monthly urine checks and every 3 months doing MRI, CT and MIBG scans. for the next year and then the next 2 years he will go every 2 months and then annually. Hopefully soon we can give you the news of Konner being classified as NED (No Evidence of Disease).

Thank You all for your Prayers And continued support. Little Konner is a strong guy and is making it through this hard time with your help. Thank You again.


  1. That is such a hard decision you guys have to make..But it sounds like you guys have a lot of support and knowledge that might help with making it.
    What a blessing that it has shrunk 80% though!! The Lord is truly working. You and your family continue to be in our prayers!
    We love you "computer boy."
    LOVE ya

  2. that is so great that it has shrunk that much & that he won't have to do any more chemo right now! way to go konner!