Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mixed info....

Hello Everyone. I just wanted to share a little bit of into with you all. There was recently an interview posted about Konner and his benefit concert. Some of that info that was given was incorrect. I know how it can be to easily mix information up and be nervous and say the wrong things. So there were a couple of mistakes but I would like to fix the 2 major ones.

1st konner did NOT have a brain tumor. He had a tumor in his abdomen next to his kidney that spread to his spine. He did have surgery to remove the tumor. but only the part on his spine was successfully removed. The one in his abdomen was not removed due to it being connected to nerve endings.

2nd we DO have insurance. The army has been AMAZING with helping and covering all of Konner's medical cost up until now. We are now off army insurance due to my husband being Honorably released from the Army. He has since moved and started working and they have also been great to let Konner on insurance and not call it pre-existing condition. So we do have insurance but we will still have to pay for treatment. the cost for just body scans every 3 months is around 18,000 before insurance. I should not need to explain myself or share personal info about our bills. But this seems to keep coming up. Because people keep thinking that we have no insurance and that the Army was not treating us Fairly. So The Army has been amazing!! Has helped with EVERYTHING.

Those were the 2 major corrections I wanted to make. I am sure everyone had good intentions and things can get mixed so easily with everything that has been going on. My family and I are so GRATEFUL for all the help everyone has given to Konner and our family! Thank you for all your support cause we seriously could not have made it with through with out all the positiveness. If that is even a word lol. Again we thank You for your understanding.

Pictures to come of the run and recent pictures of Konner. Just dont have a fast enough connection where we are at.

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