Monday, July 19, 2010

An update on Konner

So Today Konner had an appointment at the clinic. He had to receive his IV treatment of Pentamidine. He also got a blood count done and his counts were great except for his ANC levels. They were a little concerned because it has been awhile since his last chemo treatment and his counts should be somewhat normal by now. Well they just keep dropping for some reason. They gave us 3 possible reasons.
1.) It could be from the Bactrim the medicine they took him off of. This is the least likely reason because he has been off of bactrim from about 6 weeks now.
2.) It could be that he has an infection. So they tested his bowel to see if they can find anything wrong.
3.) It could mean that the cancer has spread to his bone marrow thus making it hard for his Neutrophils count to go up.
So we are scheduling him an Appointment at his new clinic University of New Mexico pediatric cancer center next week. There they will do another blood test to check his counts to see if it has changed. If it went down more then they will do more Bone Marrow aspirations. They will also do his monthly urine test.

Please continue to pray for Konner as his battle is definitely not over yet!

Today was also Konner's last Dr's appointment at the Phoenix Children's Hospital Oncology Clinic. It was a bittersweet see you later. I say see you later because that is the honest truth. These people have been so amazing to our family and most of all to Konner. If you could see the smiles that Konner brings to peoples faces it would melt your heart. They have become part of our family there. They have known Konner since he turned 2 months and he is now 5 months. I know that is not a long time but Konner has definitely endured alot in his short 5 months. PCH will always be apart of our family. Right now I would like to thank you All for helping make Konner feel so comfortable and helping him through this process. You will be missed and never forgotten.

Also thank you to Dr. Wilcock for always bringing your A-Game to work and for sending Konner to Dr. Price who then also brought her A-Game to work. If it weren't for you ladies Konner would not be where he is today. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You are also so very special to us and I look forward to future visits!

Thank You to Dr. Adelson and Dr. Acosta for operating on Konner and for getting as much of the tumor out as possible! Thank you for being apart of Konner's treatment and for always being so understanding to all the MILLIONS of question we asked you. Thank You for Helping out our baby boy!

A thanks and big bear hugs to:

Dr. Allison Wilcock (Konner's Pediatrician)
Dr. Harper Price (Konner's Dermatologist)

Dr. Francis Eshun
Dr. Andrea White-Collins ("A")
Dr. Michael Etzl
Sharon Denny (Konner's Nurse)
Marcia Soldavini (Konner's Case worker)

Dr. David Adelson (Konner's Neurosurgeon)
Dr. Juan Acosta (Konner's General Surgeon)

A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to ALL the nursing staff at PCH! All the nurses and Dr's in PICU F! All the Nurses on Floor 2! Thank You for your long conversations with me. Thank you For being so amazing with my son.

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