Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey everyone Konner just got back from his regular pediatrician. He had to get established there. His Dr. use to be an oncologist and knows LOTS about Konner's type of cancer. She also found some lumps in the back of Konner's neck. So please keep him in your prayers and pray that they turn out to be cysts!

She also said that he made need Physical Therapy, because of the way he plants his feet. He may be unaware that he has feet because of how the tumor was pushing on his lower spine. So we will wait till he is 9 months and if he is still army crawling and his stance is the same they will have him under go physiotherapy.

Although our baby is a strong lil guy he still has a long way to go in recovery. Please Keep him in your prayers! Luv to All


  1. Konner is so blessed to have so many who are praying for him daily and who are giving him the care and attention he needs to grow and be healthy in his life. ~X♥X♥X♥~

  2. Hi. My name is Jacob Jaramillo, and I'm a junior at Highland High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I heard Konner's story this evening, and it really hit home. My mother has had breast cancer twice, and both of my grandmothers as well. But I can't imagine how you feel as a mother watching your baby go through something like this. So, I just really wanted to say, I would love to be able to raise money for your little soldier if that would help. I'm in my school's key club, and we're always looking for causes to help. I could let my sponsor know, and we could not only raise money for Konner, but awareness about children's cancer. I'd really love to help in anyway possible. Here's my email if you'd like to contact me. Thank you, and I'll be hoping for a response. Best wishes, Jacob. (: