Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A VERY LONG day of scans....

So today Konner went to the hospital at 6 am. We got there and they got him admitted for his scans. He went in for his scans at 8. Let me tell you how hard it is to hold your baby in your arms while they put him to sleep. ITS HARD! Everything went GREAT and was uneventful with his scans. We will get the results back within 2 wks. After his scans Konner went back up to clinic to meet with his dr and then off we were to the infusion rooms. We got up there and they drew Konner's blood and then took his urine to be tested. things were great until they hooked him up to his Pentamidine line. Thats when a long day got even LONGER!!! The nurse noticed that the area around is port was starting to swell. So the other nurse came in and we were told they were calling the dr. and were going to stop his meds. They said that his port might have a leak in it or the line could have detached somehow. They said thats rare but it happens. and Hey Neuroblastoma is rare right?! Right..... So the dr. came up and said they were sending us to get x-rays with dye. So off we were to the radiologists. Needless to say a scare and 3 hours later the results came back and Konner's Port looked GREAT! They said that it could have been a freak thing that happened. So we went back up to infusion and started his meds again and everything went fine.

What do you know. Something things just happen! All in all it was a LONG day but very well worth every minute of it. I will be updating you as soon as we get the results!

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  1. Glad all went well...even with a little hitch. Good luck to you guys while you wait for the scans...your little man is AMAZING!!!!