Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets be aware!

So as most of you know Konner has a facebook page! Today I am in a very good mood! Konner slept so well last night and infact is still sleeping. This happens NEVER!!! Poor baby can never sleep good. So because I got a goodnights rest and have lots of energy this morning I want to give something back! Konner has 230 friends on facebook. I update this facebook almost daily on how konner is doing and add pictures and events going on for Konner and kids cancer!  So if we can raise awareness even if its just a little I will be happy. So I want to GIVE AWAY A FULL SIZE SCENTSY WARMER! Thats right people, So the 300 person to friend Konner on Facebook will get the Scentsy Warmer! So tell all your friends to GET AWARE!!!

Konner's Fight

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