Thursday, October 14, 2010


So We got Konner's lab results back and his counts were higher then the previous months! We are still waiting to hear on his Urine results and should hopefully hear back by today! It has been a while since I posted last but not much has gone on. Konner is doing great currently. We finally got him on some meds to help him go to the bathroom. He has been having trouble going to the bathroom for almost 2 MONTHS! So things are getting better there. He is also starting to crawl on his knees!!! This is absolutely great news to us! It means that his brain is able to send signal to his legs and his legs are responding! in September he went in for his check up and they said that he may need therapy to help him walk and such. But now if you holding him up he is able to take little steps... of course that is with me holding him. But before he was not able to do this. He is eating more and is still the happy smiley baby we all know and love!! Now im just trying to think of what he may want to be for Halloween..... Any Ideas??? Im think monkey!!! Happy Holidays ya'll!!

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