Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scans are scheduled.

So Konner has his scans scheduled for March 16 & 17. On March 16 he has to go to Nuclear Medicine and receive a special injection for his MIBG test. This injection is so special that they have to order it and once they open it they must inject it right away and the scan for it has to be done 14 hours after. You can find out more info here MIBG scan . So On the 17 Konner will go in at 7:30 to check in and then will start his MRI scans at 8:30. He will be put to sleep the whole time and at 11:30 they will do the MIBG scan. Konner will be put to sleep for approximately 4-5 hours. The MIBG test will see how many Neuroblastoma cells he has. With this very important test we will be able to see how much of his tumor is active and if there are any calcified spots on it. All prayers will be needed that day! Thank You all for your love and support!

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