Thursday, March 3, 2011

birthday pictures

I was not able to get alot of pictures during Konner's birthday. but here are a few. enjoy!

Wandering why he has to sit in that chair

His birthday cake. SO yummy! 

His own cake!

Finally smiling for the camera. 

With his Dada. 

Konner and I 

With his cousin who I might ad is only 6 months. (love konner's GQ pose)

With his Great Grandma! Love Her

getting ready to dig in 


And the end result! He had such a great birthday with family and close friends. He was a bit crabby but as soon as that sugar hit he was happy as can be lol. Konner has hit a milestone and a very important one to us. We love everything about him. We are honored to have him be apart of our family. We are grateful for all that he has taught us. 

We Love you Lil' Peanut. Thank you for a year of growing shared with happiness and strength. 

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