Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost that time again...

So its almost time for Konner to go in for his scans. I am excited yet very nervous! All the Dr's say he has a really good chance of his tumor shrinking and I am just hoping and praying. Lately Konner has been so sick. He is teething, has bad allergies, and the effects from chemo are all wearing on him. Its so sad to see him in pain and uncomfortable all the time.  Today Kyle and I got to get away to stroll the mall and we went into the pet store. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing those little puppies. I want to get one sooo bad. I just thought hmmm.... I bet Konner would love this little guy... Then again Konner is only 3 months... Well Konner goes in tomorrow to see if his platelet levels have picked up and if they have then he doesn't have to go back till Wednesday of next week. If they are still low then he has to get a transfusion. Thank you again for all your amazing support and prayers.

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