Monday, May 17, 2010

Wanted to say Thanks!!!!

Today Konner is doing great!!! Since he had his Transfusion on Friday he has been doing so much better. I didnt realize how much color he had actually lost. He looks like a healthy lil baby minus the hair loss. He is all SMILES and has not thrown up for 2 days!!

So today I would like to say THANK YOU!!! Thank You to those who pray for Konner on a daily basis! Thank You to those who have helped our family in some way! Thank You to those who have Donated to Konner's Account. Thank You to those who have bought Konner's bracelets!! Thank You to those have signed up to sponsor Konner's Run! Thank You to those of you who have Donated prizes for Konner's run! Thank You to Michelle Brodin for making Konner a beautiful blanket! Thank you to VFW Post 8967 in Springerville, AZ! Thank You to the Mckenzie Monks Foundation for the wonderful bag full of gifts! Thank You to all the Dr's and nurses who are so kind at every appointment! Thank you to All who have helped in some way or another. You ALL mean alot to our family and to Konner!!

A special thanks to : Lawyers Title, Digital Solutions, Recreation Resource Management of America, Frank M. Smith & Associates, Joanne Hutton with Advantage Realty Professionals, White Mountain Cafe and Heck of A Deal Collision For Sponsoring The Run For Konner's Fight! If I left any other sponsors out its because I havent gotten an updated list. So thank you to you too!!

(Konner is a Fan of Larry Fitzgeral) 

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  1. i love those pictures of konner! he is so happy! he has the sweetest smile!