Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peaceful Sunday...........

Today has been just that, A peaceful Sunday. Konner has been doing good today. A little less pain then the other days. Today Kyle Let me sleep in till 12 can you believe that. I have not slept that long in SOOOOO LONG! It was a much needed rest since I have been getting about 4 - 5 hours tops, of sleep since Konner was Diagnosed with NB. And it was also nice for Kyle to bond with all 3 boys!

Tomorrow is Konner's next Clinic appointment with Dr. Eshun. I am hoping that things go great! Im also going to see if they will give the lil man a different kind of pain killer. The one he is on doesnt seem to be working. I hope that Konner's ANC levels are on the mends so we can so kick off with our 2nd round! I want to get my little man back to 100%!. And thanks to all of the AMAZING people he has in his life we are on our way! Thank you again for being so nice to our family. Thank you For all your wonderful prayers!

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  1. I really hope his ANC levels are higher definitely want those high, poor guy! Nobody likes a sick baby! You guys are in our prayers and so happy you got LOTS of sleep!!!