Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Here are 2 pictures of Konner. Most of you have already seen these, if I have your email address. The first one of him is before chemo round 2 and the 2nd is right after chemo. You can also see how much his hair has thinned out since starting chemo. It is falling out in clumps still.

Konner is doing good so far. He has spit up a couple of times today and he was a little sick last night. I am trying to keep up on his meds too keep him comfortable. He is still all smiles and it warms my heart. I love my baby and I cant wait to get him healthy!

(Getting ready to punch round 2 in the face!)

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  1. the punch round 2 in the face pic is soo cute! He is so stinken cute!
    Love ya