Friday, June 10, 2011


So We got the results from the scans today. His MIBG scan came back negative. but when they did a MIBG SPEC (blew it up) It showed active cancer cells. He said this sometimes happens and as long as his tumor hasnt grown its ok to keep watching him. They did say they were unable to give me specific growth results because their system compared his current scans to one done in june of 2010. So they would be inaccurate. So he is going to go over everything this weekend and let me know Monday or Tuesday of next week the official results of the tumor. As long as the tumor didnt grow then we are good and will keep scanning him every 3 months. If the tumor did grow then we will have to do more chemo. So now that we know that the tumor does have active cancer please pray that it has NOT GROWN! Please Please send prayers his way!!!

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  1. We are praying for the best results. Stay Strong and Keep the Faith ~♥~ We love you all and although this has been a long road, you are making the most of life as a family... I believe it will endure and keep you all together, forever.