Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 Month post treatment

So konner has made it to his 12 month post treatment check up without any complications!!! Next week Konner will have LOTS of appointments. He has to see his neurosurgeon, x-rays, MIBG injection, MRI, CT, MIBG Scan, CBC, Urine test. He does have to be put to sleep for the majority of these tests but he has done really well so far. Its crazy to think that he has come this far and is truely fighting like a champ! He is such a strong little man and such an inspiration. I cant believe that he has gone through so much in his short little life. No baby should have to start fighting cancer at just 55 days old. When we received his treatment plan we were in shock. when we thought treament we thought of maybe 2 years. But we were floored when we found out he would have to be watch very closely for 10 years! Can you believe that 10 YEARS!!!! So we are down 1 and have 9 more to go! Konner still has not been able to get vaccines because he has not yet been given the go ahead. I hope that comes soon. Last winter did not treat him too well.

Thank you All for your constant support. We feel your prayers everyday!

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