Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

So This morning Konner was pretty fussy. He was in a little pain and was getting sick of everyone turning him over and picking at him. He seems to be healing up just fine and is still a super cute little smiley boy. He won the cuteness award for the day or so the Dr. Said lol. We did receive his bone scan results from yesterday. They came back as expected. Konner does have some bone damage where his tumor was taken out of his spine. There is no other bone damage anywhere else but that site. So that is good news. They say that with Chemo and possibly tumor removal his bone should grow back and heal great. They are going to let him rest this weekend!!! So no tests as of now, but things change sometimes. He is surely a little trooper!


  1. fighter, strong willed + beautiful and loved like crazy = Konner Dowdy