Saturday, April 24, 2010

End of Chemo........Not so good day

So Last night was Konner's last dose of Chemo for round 1. He didnt take it as well as the first two. He was soo uncomfortable the whole night and this morning he was just as sick. I feel soo bad for my baby that he has to be poisoned in order to be healthy. This morning he had the roughest time taking his meds. We actually had to stop his oral care because he was getting so sick and coughing and spitting everything back up. So we had to give him some more anti nausea meds and post pone his oral care. The good news is......... We get to go home tomorrow!!! Tonight I have to give him his Neupogen shot in front of the Dr's so they know that I can do it. And then we get to leave tomorrow morning. Konner already has his first out patient check up to check his blood counts. We get to be home for 2 weeks and then he will come back for his 2nd round of Chemo.

Thank You all for your support! Konner is 1 step closer to being a healthy baby. Please Continue to pray for his fight at night! Thank You truly from the bottom of my heart!

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