Wednesday, April 14, 2010

End of day 4...........

So Konner is doing good today. He has been awake almost all day just staring around. He had an echo and a CT scan done today as well. His results for the CT scan showed NO CANCER in his Chest!!!! We have not gotten the results of the Echo yet. He is right now put on a nutrition line to kinda give him all the nutriants that he has been missing. He has A VERY BIG DAY tomorrow!!! At 4 in the morning he has Lots and lots of lab work. So much lab work that he will have to have a blood transfusion right after! Please pray for him. Also he is scheduled for his second surgery and that is for 11:30 am. He will have his catheter put in, which will be there for when he start his Chemo. He will also have a bone marrow done and that is to test and see if he has cancer in his bone marrow. A long day right? Right! Well its actually going to be a long next couple of day or weeks or months. Just please pray for him!!!

Oh Wait im sure you want to hear the best news!!! I GOT TO HOLD MY BABY TODAY!!!!!!!! You dont believe me take a look for yourself!!! Best feeling ever!!!!

(I do have better pictures on my other camera but I dont have the cord to hook it up to my computer.I will have Kyle bring that tomorrow.)

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  1. We are praying... and 11:30 I will stop what i'm doing and remember Konner! Sweet lil boy!

    So happy you got to hold HIM!!! wahoooooo

    :) Bryanna