Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on Konner.

(Below this post r pictures of Konner post surgery do not look if you are not wanting to see a bunch of tubes.)

So today our little fighter had 1 successful surgery and one that wasn't. His first Surgery started this morning at 7:40. Dr. David Adelson was going to go in through his back and try and remove the full tumor from his spine. He said once he opened up Konners back that the Tumor was actually outside of Konners spine and just a little bit of the tumor had gone into his spine. That for us was great news alone! He was able to fully remove the tumor from Konners back without no known problems. That surgery was done at 11:00 and then it was Dr. Acosta's turn. He went in through Konners abdomen, That was done around 2. He said that once he got in and shifted everything over that he noticed the tumor was actually attached to 5 nerve endings. So it was not a free standing tumor like we thought. Therefore he had to stop the surgery and sew Konner up which made it an unsuccessful surgery. They will not be able to do any further treatment on that tumor till the Biopsy results come in sometime next week. At that time the tumor specialist will come in and talk to us about what kind of tumor it is and whether it is Neuroblastoma. Right now that is what they are leaning towards and if that is the case then they will start Chemo as soon as our lil guy is healed from his surgery.

Konner right now is still asleep and he will most likely stay that way till sometime tomorrow. He is still on a breathing machine and has lots of IV's to monitor his breathing and just about everything else. Konner is under some of the best care the state of AZ has to offer. And he has been since he was born. Its hard to believe that our little guy is only 57 days old and is already going through so much. I know that with all the prayers and with Faith in Heavenly father that he will overcome this illness.

Dr. David Adelson is one of the best Neurosurgeons. You can Google him as did I and you will know how blessed we feel to have him operating on our son.

Dr. Acosta is also a Great surgeon. He did an amazing job and was great to work with.

Dr. Haper Price was Konners Dermatologist and she was the one who sent him in for the ultrasound and because of her we found the mass.

A HUGE thank you to our wonderful Pediatrician Dr. Allison Wilcock. Because of her we would not be where we are today. We would never have known that Konner has a tumor and possible cancer.

Also Thank You to all the specialist and everyone on Konners medical team.

We thank you all for your prayers and continued support through this hard time. And we Thank all the Dr's who have come in contact with Konner. Thank You thank You thank YOu

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