Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Day At A Time

(post surgery day 2)

That is my new motto! This Morning I talked to Konners Dr for a bit. He said he looks pretty good. He also said that last night Konner had a little gasp for air but that all in all he seemed to be doing good. Konners Blood pressure has been giving us problems and that is because he had alot of fluid build up in his chest. They stop all his fluids for now. They were also able to get all the fluid build up out. They started him on a medicine that makes him pee more and so that will help him drain more of the fluid intake. things are alright today and he is scheduled for another MRI this afternoon. I will post again tonight.

Right now my surroundings consist of Lots and lots of dr's, nurses and just nice people going through the same if not worse situations as I am. Lots of different alarms from all the machines and constant dings.

I currently miss snuggling with my lil man and honestly changing his diapers and the closeness of the feedings. I have realized now how much I have taken for granted. I thought before that I was cherishing every moment with Konner because he was my last baby. But You really dont cherish anything till its about to be pulled out of your arms and you no longer can do all the things you did before. So I say to you now and always. PLEASE CHERISH ALL THE MOMENTS BOTH BIG AND LITTLE CAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY WONT BE THERE ANYMORE. I do have faith in my Heavenly Father that I will again someday be able to hold and cuddle with my baby. Right now he just needs to get better. But it is the hardest thing in the world to not be able to hold him and look into his beautiful blue eyes and let him know that things will be ok.

( I do appreciate all the prayers and support from family and friends. Please do feel free to put his name in at the Temples and church prayer lists.)

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