Friday, April 16, 2010

How could I forget.......

How could I forget one of the most important things of the day......... Konner got to EAT for the first time since saturday at midnight!!!!!!!!!!!! He started about 8:00 tonight. And he has eaten an ounce and half. He is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dear Erin, I am so sorry to read of Konner's diagnosis. My husband was an AF officer when my son was diagnosed with NB. I subscribe to google news alerts for neuroblastoma and that is how I found you. You may have already found these resources but wanted to let you know there is a listerv with 700+ NB parents at (look on mailing lists for n-blastoma) and a parent handbook at (look under resources, unfortunately a work in progress and the low/intermediate risk chapter isn't done yet but has other pertinent chapters on coping with treatment) and finally there is a free conference (includes complimentary hotel and meals) for parents in Chicago in July ( and expert NB docs present for two days, and there is a program for kids as well.
    Many prayers for Konner!
    Donna Ludwinski