Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The results

Hey everyone,
Konner was Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. We are unsure what stage it is because we have alot of test to get done within the next days - weeks. The Neuro specialist will come and talk to us tomorrow. We are unable to tell you what the cure rate is until we have the other test done. Konner will need Chemo and he will undergo another surgery to have a cathiter placed in him for the treatment of Chemo. Please Please keep Konner in your prayers. He has a long road ahead of him and please pray that the cancer has not spread to his bones or bone marrow. Thank you Erin.

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  1. Kyle and Erin my heart goes out to u guys as u are going through a huge trial right now in your lives!!!! Just know u will all be in our prayers especially this sweet baby of yours!! Erin thanks for keeping us all updated on his day to day fight with this cancer! You are a very strong family and things will get better!