Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Konners 2nd MRI Results............

His 2nd MRI results just came back. And im happy to say that Konner's tumor that was on and in his spinal cord is gone! You can see the empty space where it was and I cant believe he had something that big on his spine. Now our next step is to wait for the biopsy results to see what kind of tumor it is and how to proceed with treatment.
Our "lil Tough Guy" has had an eventful day. He has had some trouble breathing on his own but all the Dr's say that is expected after a major surgery. His ventilator is set back at 16 like it was earlier this morning so he wont have to work so hard to breath. For the most part of the day it was at 12 and he would do great at times but then he would drop down to 12 which basically means he wasn't breathing on his own and just got a little lazy. He had some trouble with his body temperature but we were able to get that back up. And his blood pressure is back to normal as well. Konner's is doing great right now and all I can ask of him is to stay strong and to just get better.
I love this lil guy like crazy and im so very thankful that he is mine. I cant wait to see his beautiful eyes and that cute adorable lil smile again.

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