Friday, April 16, 2010

Long Night...............

Today Konner is Scheduled for a bone scan and then they said hopefully after that they will move him to the floor!!! I will be sad to leave the PICU because they have been so good to lil' Konner here and once we move we have to share a room with another patient:( That will be ok hopefully they dont speak spanish so I can understand them lol. Konner is doing good so good infact that he didnt want to sleep lastnight. This poor lil baby has gone through sooo much in these last couple of days and I am so very proud of him and how strong he is! He has bandages everywhere. He has one on his back, belly, 1 on each hip, 1 on each side of his neck and his port on his chest. For those of you that dont know what a port is I will post a picture of it. It goes under konners skin and it is used for his chemo treatments and to draw blood. A little black connecter thing with a needle on it just pops on the top of it and then when he isnt on chemo it pops right off so you cant see anything except a bump under his skin. He has several little needle marks from all the IV's too. He is a CHAMP and he is all mine, well and Kyles! Thank you guys again for your prayers. They are helping so much keep it up!!

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  1. He is absolutely beautiful ! I don't know how you are doing it, but you are keeping the rest of us UP with your HOPE! We are all praying for Konner and your little family ! I love you all. Thnx for sharing with us in your hour of need ♥ Aunt Shelley ♥