Sunday, April 18, 2010

A big Smile!!!!

Hey everyone,
Sorry I didnt post last night. I actually got to have a night away from the hospital, my first in 9 days. I was able to spend sometime with my other 2 boys whom I missed dearly. It was nice to see some bright smiles. But it was also hard to leave Konner as he was smiling most of the day. Check him out!!!

Konner has been doing great. He has been smiling soo much. He is still having a little bit of pain but who would be you know. We had some special guest yesterday as well. Our best friends Jarod and Jessica. Jessica made Konner a blanket and this ADORABLE quilt. It says "lil' Tough Guy". She is an amazing girl and makes the cutest little blankets. She did mention that she wanted to make some blankets to sell so as soon as we get that going I will post about it. 
Last Night I also got to talk to a parent of a little boy who is fighting his own battle with NB. It helped me soo much and it gave me more of an insight to the battle. If you would like to check out his story go here Wyatt Kamp . Thank you for all your prayers and support. Once again keep the faith and hope and most of all Keep smiling and stay positive. This little guy will. 


  1. what a great friend! that is an awesome blanket jessica! konner you have such a beautiful smile! keep it goin! love you!

  2. You are adorable Konner!! Keep your wonderful is a smile that will keep the whole world smiling =) You are in my prayers lil' tough guy!

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  4. I love my blankets from Jess, she is awesome. Glad he is doing so well what a gorgeous little boy. :)