Thursday, April 15, 2010

morning update

Hi All,

He WENT POOP!!!!!!!!!! I know what your thinking, okay?! lol But Konner has not had a poopy diaper since saturday. So that means his colon is working again and things are passing through his stomach just fine!!! We are all very excited here. Also while we were cleaning him up yesterday we noticed that his hemangioma was almost gone. Well today it is completely gone!!!! The Hemangioma is what helped us to find Konner's tumor. So I am sooo thankful for that and I guess Heavenly Father does truly work in mysterious ways! Konner was supposed to have surgery today at 11:30 but it has gotten pushed back. He is doing really well and i will update you on his progress tonight. Thanks for your prayers!!

1 comment:

  1. Hip! hip! hurrah! for poop! lmao.. poop away little buddy! :)
    I agree, Heavenly Father does work in mysterious ways sometimes, but so worth it!
    :) Bryanna