Friday, April 23, 2010

Update.... Day 2 of Chemo

Hello All,

So Konner's night was pretty uneventful. Although he did wake a couple of times he did great. The chemo didnt seem to take as long lastnight. It could be that the first day it was sooooo OVERWHELMING! iIt still is a little bit scary but I know that with every treatment and all the care that he is getting, means we are stepping closer to a cure.

So even if/when he is able to get the rest of his tumor removed he will still have ALOT of aftercare. When you hear the word CANCER you automatically think of Chemotherapy and Radiation. You dont think of all the other meds you have to take just to protect your body. Konner has to do mouth care 3 times a day. I mean this stuff is GROSS! I have to swab his mouth with this minty wash called Biotene which you can just buy at a pharmecy. And then the second one we have to swab his mouth with and he has to swallow it in order to coat his throat. This is called Nystatin, its this thick yellow liquid. And then he has to get this other medicine and then once he is done with Chemo I have to give him a shot called Neupogen which I talked about in an earlier post. Besides the meds he will also have LOTS and LOTS of check ups. They are saying all the check ups will last from 9 months to a full year! And then he will have check ups sporadically for 4 more years just to make sure the tumor didnt grow back. Right now they said that he has a 94-95% chance of the cancer never coming back once its cured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We also got some great news this morning. His results from his MIBG & Hearing tests came back. His hearing is normal and he has no cancer or tumors anywhere else in his body except for the spot they were unable to re-sect!  That is GREAT news for our "lil' Tough Guy"! Thanks for ALL your prayers everyone. We are soooo grateful! and Again I cant thank you enough for your continued support. We are Closer to kicking Cancer in the Butt!

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  1. that is such great news! 94-95% chance?! you can't get much better than that! seriously, what a tough guy you have!